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Episode 1: Jess Schriebstein & Kylie Gusset – Fiber travel, Cormo origins and being fiber-conscious

November 25, 2014

I’m really excited to share with you the very first Woolful podcast. Today we get to meet two very fiber passionate women, Jess Schriebstein of Witchin in the Kitchen and Kylie Gusset of Ton of Wool.

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Sponsor: Our very first episode is sponsored by Fringe Supply Co. In 2012, Karen Templer opened Fringe Supply Co. an online shop full of thoughtful tools for the sustainable and aesthetically mindful maker. From bento bags to rosewood needles, you’ll get lost in this carefully curated emporium. Visit


Fiber folk 1: Jess is a Baltimore based cook, artist, seasoned traveler, and lover of wool. You can find her at and on Instagram @thekitchenwitch. I was incredibly inspired as she shared her fiber journey and her experience in Oaxaca, where she spent a week learning the fiber customs and culture of the Oaxaca people. We dive into how her time there influenced her cooking, color and fiber choices as well as how she began the knitting group at NPR.


Man on the Street: For this week’s Man on the Street segment, I asked a handful of fiber folk to answer this question…”If you could travel to any country and immerse yourself in their fiber culture and customs, which country would you choose?” We got some great replies from Andi (My Sister’s Knitter), Nikki (@wildvioletknits) and Sonja (@atreebytheriver)

Fiber folk 2: I’m not sure I’ve met a more spunky, sheep loving Aussie than the next guest Kylie Gusset. She has a vast knowledge of the industry, in particular the breed that brings us some of the softest wool I’ve ever laid hands on, Cormo. In 2011 Kylie crowd funded one ton of Cormo, rallying knitters and makers alike. You can find her at and on Instagram @tonofwool. Whenever I have conversations with Kylie, I learn so much. From the birth of Cormo, to the Australian wool industry and the effects of super wash wool.


Giveaway: This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Stash, a local yarn shop in Corvallis Oregon.

One of Jess’s favorite yarns is The Fibre Company’s Canopy. Last year she knit an adorable pair of mittens and now we’re giving away 2 skeins of Canopy in the color of your choice from Stash.

To enter this giveaway, visit the giveaway post on Instagram @woolful and tag a friend in the comments. You can also enter by leaving a comment below.


Announcements: The first Woolful knit-along starts January 15th. We will be knitting a Little Woolens hat pattern in the incredibly soft Cormo from Ton of Wool. More details to come!


Tomorrow I am thrilled to say the Woolful Mercantile will be opening shop. Here you’ll be able to find Cormo yarn from Ton of Wool in both fingering and aran weights, along with special pattern and yarn kits, including the knit-along hat pattern.


Music by Jónsi.


Transcription of episode:

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