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Episode 49: Meri Tanaka- Japanese fiber culture, Twitter connections, building a magazine, and Amirisu

February 25, 2016


Sponsor: Loop is London’s leading local yarn shop, created by Susan Cropper in 2005, with the intention to bring the joy of colour, texture and design to the local fibre community. The shop itself is a warm, friendly place…full of inspiration and charisma, and you can see the care Susan has taken to create an inviting environment where folks can find the yarns they love and learn from the masters of their crafts…including Juju Vail, Jane Lithgow, Stephen West, Helene Magnusson, and Melanie Berg to name just a few.

This past Fall Loop celebrated their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate they released their newest book aptly named, ’10’…featuring twelve gorgeous patterns from designers Meghan Fernandes, Stephen West, Rachel Atkinson, Paulina Popiolek, Donna Higgins, Kristen Kapur, Ysolda Teague, Juju Vail, Tif Fussell, Claire Montgomerie and Pam Allen. I’m a big fan of Susan’s eye for composition, with each pattern being beautifully photographed and knit in a color dyed just for Loop. You can find the book at Loop, their shop online and at a handful of lovely local yarn shops and some great news, you can now find the e-book version of ’10’ on Ravelry.

Loop has an extensive online shop in addition to their cozy London shop in Islington. Make sure to visit Loop in person if you’re nearby or just passing through, and online at and on Instagram @looplondonloves.


Fiber folk: Print publications play an important part in this fiber community of ours, and a key player in this editorial and inspirational world is Amirisu…a Japanese knitting magazine founded by Meri and Tokuko, featuring patterns in both Japanese and English accompanied by beautifully written articles and photography. Meri left her career as a consultant to pursue this passion in fiber and never looked back. From Amirisu to Walnut, Amirisu’s local yarn shop, Meri is a creative inspiration and fiber powerhouse. You can find Meri at and on Instagram @amirisushop.

amirisu_1amirisu_2 amirisu_3 amirisu_4 amirisu_5


Sponsor: Moeke yarns was founded by Ioana van Deurzen in 2014, alongside her brother Radu, his wife and their parents. Ioana and her family have an incredible story, which you can hear about in Episode 8, and this story is what spurred the dream and now reality of creating a yarn company. The Moeke yarns are full of character, from the unique European breeds they’re made of, to the traditional Romanian spinning mills and the natural dyeing that Ioana’s parents do in their home in Romania. From her childhood, growing up in Romania during the revolution, her immersion in fiber through her grandmother and her purposeful journey to bring something back to the Romanian community, Moeke yarns is one of my favorite yarns and I hope it becomes one of yours as well.

You can find a selection of beautiful patterns created with Moeke Yarns and designed by Junko Okamoto, Francoise Danoy, Leslie Anne Robinson and more on Ravelry. Look for Moeke yarns online at and on Instagram @moekeyarns

moekeyarnsGiveaway: The winner of last week’s giveaway is Claudia Manley. You’ve won Romi Hill’s new book “New Lace Knitting” and 4 skeins of The Fibre Company’s Terra yarn from Kelbourne Woolens.  Congratulations!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Amirisu and they’re giving away 3 copies of the Amirisu magazine. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post.


Music by Jónsi.

Knitting Making Podcast Woolful Podcast

Episode 8: Ioana van Deurzen – Woolen heritage and legacy, Romanian sheep, purpose and Moeke Yarns

January 20, 2015

I’m very excited to share the eighth episode of the Woolful podcast. Today’s episode is a little different. As I’ve gotten to know today’s guest, Ioana van Deurzen of Moeke Yarns, and spent time hearing her incredible fiber journey, how it shaped her childhood and ultimately her life as an adult, I felt this story deserved it’s own space…it’s own episode.

tolt yarn and wool logo

Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Tolt Yarn and Wool, my favorite yarn shop. In 2013, Anna Dianich opened Tolt Yarn and Wool. a local yarn shop in Carnation Washington. Most recently she launched an online shop, full of yarns each with their own story and each handpicked by Anna. You couldn’t ask for more soul when it comes to a yarn shop. Visit


Fiber folk 1: Ioana van Deurzen is an amazing woman, as you’ll soon learn. A little over a year ago she embarked on a journey with her brother and parents to create the  yarn company Moeke Yarns, to bring something back to her community that had been lost and honor her grandmother, Elena. You can find Ioana at and on Instagram @moekeyarns.

ioana van deurzen moeke yarns


ioana van deurzen moeke yarns


ioana van deurzen moeke yarns


ioana van deurzen moeke yarns


ioana van deurzen moeke yarns

Giveaway: The winner of last week’s giveaway, is @kelseyleftwich. You’ve won the Paffuto hat pattern by Michele Wang and a skein of Quince and Co Puffin. Congratulations!

This week we wanted to give away some of the very special Romanian yarn, our guest Ioana has created, Moeke Yarns. We’re giving away a skein of each the Elena and Stela yarns. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below.


Update: As you’ve heard me talk about already, I am smitten with this amazing yarn. Not only because it feels and smells so good, but because of it’s story. It’s rustic qualities lend so well to certain projects and I plan to start on a pair of socks tonight. I’m very excited to have partnered with Ioana, to bring Moeke yarns here to the States. You can now find both Elena and Stela in our shop at,


Music by Jónsi.