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Woolful Podcast: Reflections and where next

February 4, 2015
ashley yousling woolful podcast

I’ve been writing this post in my head for about a week now, unsure how to share what I would like to share…in the most genuine and humble way possible, but also with complete gratitude. You see, this past week the Woolful Podcast reached it’s 100,000 download, with it now being close to 122k after yesterday’s episode. When I see these numbers I see a community, a tribe 10,000 strong all with a common interest, a love of fiber. You should all feel so very encouraged. Encouraged to pursue your fiber dreams, as makers, farmers, proprietors, or wherever your hearts desires lie. I sure am.

When I had the idea to start this podcast, I had hoped there would be others who felt the same way I did, but I never imagined the response or the impact it would have in such a short time. Thank you for writing, for commenting and sharing with me, you really have no idea how encouraging it is and I do my best to pass this on to the different guests in one way or another…because their journeys are truly the remarkable things here.

Each Monday night as I wrap up the podcast for the week and stare bleary eyed at the screen as I wait to upload it, usually around 12 or 1am, a small voice says “how long are you going to keep this up?”.  And my answer is always, “for a very long time”. Anyone who has worked on a passion project understands the degree to which you’ll put energy into something simply because of that, passion. But passion only carries you so far. Encouragement and support from those around you sure goes a hell of a long way to remind you why you’re doing this. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Since the beginning of the podcast, each episode has had sponsors. It’s been wonderful because it’s given a unique marketing opportunity for different shops and brands, and a way for them to be involved. It’s also helped cover operating costs and compensate for a small bit of the time spent on bringing each episode to life. I’d love to have more companies, both big and small involved as sponsors, you can find more info here.

So where next? Well, there are a lot of really exciting things in store for Woolful and this community in 2015. You’ll see these announcements role out here and there, the first being in March…so stay tuned. But, to be perfectly honest and I’m bearing my soul a bit here…I would really love to see Woolful grow to the point where I can someday spend more time at home with my son and family, focusing on our fiber dreams of building a mill in Idaho. This seems lofty, though, everyone has a dream and should strive towards it, while staying true to their mission and vision.

And without sounding like a broken record, thank you again. You’ve made one of my dreams come true. Don’t ever underestimate your own dreams. xoxo -Ashley