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Episode 23: Dianna Walla – Confidence, Cultural influence, Fiber awareness, and Norway

May 26, 2015

I’m very excited to share the twenty-third episode of the Woolful podcast. Today we get to meet a special woman who’s multi-faceted interests and background have propelled her in some exciting directions, Dianna Walla of Paper Tiger.


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Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Tolt Yarn and Wool. In 2013, Anna Dianich opened Tolt Yarn and Wool. a local yarn shop in Carnation Washington. Most recently she launched an online shop, full of yarns each with their own story and each handpicked by Anna. You couldn’t ask for more soul when it comes to a yarn shop. Visit


Fiber folk: I wish I had gotten to know Dianna before we moved from Seattle a couple years ago, because her passion and enthusiasm for cultural fiber knowledge, in particular the Norwegian fiber world is enthralling and at the very least, quite dreamy. Dianna has designed some of the most beautiful color work patterns and her dedication to the craft is inspiring. You can find Dianna at and on Instagram @cakeandvikings.






Man on the street: For this week’s “Man on the Street” I asked the question, “What are some of your greatest resources as a fiber artist?” We had some great answers from Jennifer @jaykay_knits and Maria @ninja.chickens

Giveaway: The winner of last week’s giveaway, is Teri! You’ve won a collection of 5 patterns of your choice, designed by Shannon Cook. Congratulations!

The giveaway this week is sponsored by Paper Tiger and Tolt Yarn and Wool, and we’re giving away Dianna’s Moon Sprites hat pattern, along with 3 skeins of Lettlopi from Tolt Yarn and Wool to knit the pattern with. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below.


I wanted to make sure and thank today’s sponsor again, Tolt Yarn and Wool. I know many folks have visited Anna’s shop and it truly is amazing. She puts her heart and soul into creating an experience both in person and online that anyone who’s visited, can surely attest to. What a special place to have in this fiber community of ours. Make sure to visit for a very special collection of fibers and notions.

tolt yarn and wool

This past week marked the start of the Tales from the Isle of Purbeck Mystery Pattern Knitalong, hosted by Annie Rowden. This pattern is a gentle piece of soothing knitting, resulting in a pretty and versatile piece which will slip right into your wardrobe. Hole and Sons Pure Wool is the inspiration behind this design – and whether you were lucky enough or not to get some yarn from the latest batch, there’s still plenty of time to join this knit along with the yarn of your choice. You can find more information on the by annie claire Ravlery group.



Music by Jónsi.


Transcription coming soon!