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Organic in 2014

April 10, 2014

A few months ago I decided I would try something new in 2014 and only buy organic clothing for myself. My rule was, it had to be made of at least 50% organic materials. Over the past several years we’ve slowly made the transition to buy organic when and wherever possible. From our food, to Coltrane’s clothing, to essentials oils and so on. I had suspicions that sticking to only organic clothing would be a challenge, but I didn’t really grasp the difficulty until I got started. If I could wear yoga pants and t-shirts all day, it would be far easier. However, I work full time in a fashion conscious (though casual) industry and some standards must be met. I’ll spare you the details of my endless hours scouring online while nursing my little guy to sleep, but I will share the few gems I’ve discovered and will continue to do so as I come across them.

Monkee Genes  -I bought a couple pairs and LOVE them. The organic cotton sateen is really amazing.

organic monkee genes

Earth Kind Originals (EKO) -I bought a couple dresses and really love the cuts. The work well with a pair of black leggings and boots.

earth kind originals dress

Eileen Fisher -I’ve found many things I love here. Great organic pieces that go beyond the jersey knit. A little pricey, but haven’t found a comparable store when it comes to the styles and being organic. 

eileen-fisher organic

Chinti and Parker -Their organic selection goes in waves, but often they have some very nice loose cotton tees and tanks. Perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans, oxfords and hand knit sweater. 

chinti and parker

 Tricotage -Based out of Denmark, I love their take on stepping up jersey knit style. I have not bought anything from them yet, but plan to!