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Woolspiration: Just Wool, 1933

October 22, 2014

Right now we’re in Idaho, our first visit to the property as owners and it’s pretty exciting. So much going on and to share, but it’s late and I need to collect my thoughts a bit more for an actual fiber mill update. So, for now you can follow along on my Instagram (@woolful) as I share live updates from our ranch.

In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite although very short Woolspiration videos, Just Wool from 1933. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the opening sequence is written in gorgeous type, for all you designers and type appreciators. The quote is worth a watch alone.


Woolspiration: Wool and Manmade Fibers, 1950’s

September 30, 2014
woolspiration britain wool industry

I have so much fun finding these videos for the Woolspiration posts. Who would have thought there were so many gems hidden in the archives, just waiting to be found by wool lovers decades later?

This video, “Wool and Manmade Fibers” comes from Britain, created as an informative video in the 50’s about wool, it’s history and uses. In the second half it talks about the rise of manmade fibers like rayon, describing the process of it having been discovered in a laboratory and the use of chemicals such as sulphuric acid. It’s very interesting to watch something that in it’s time was so innovative and exciting, and recognize now the detriment  such chemical heavy processing has on our environment and bodies today.

Another reminder why wool is such an incredible gift. Enjoy!