As Woolful has grown, I’ve encountered lots of questions and inquiries around different things having to do with myself personally, or the podcast or this blog. As much as I would love to reply to every single one, and often do, albeit sometimes months later, I realized a FAQ page might be a great place to start answering these often asked questions. xoxo -Ashley

So you live in SF, but are building a fiber mill in Idaho? How does that work?

Well actually, we just made the permanent move to the ranch, so we’re here! I still work remotely for my company that is based in SF. It’s a funny transition, from city to country living, and I’ll make sure to post updates about this.

Why and how did you use hot water in your natural dyeing film, A Color Odyssey?

When making the short film I hadn’t even realized it would look like we used hot water, but I assure you all water used in the natural dyeing was either cool or room temperature. The Winter club dyeing took place at our ranch in Idaho during the middle of…you guessed it, Winter, with much of the dyeing taking place outside or in our dye studio which has no built in heat source yet. There happened to be what they call an Arctic chill that week and so naturally any water warmer than the temperature outside would let off steam…hence looking as though it were hot.

Why are your podcast episodes so long?

You’ll notice that the earlier episodes were quite long, well that’s changed. A few months back we moved to featuring one guest per episode. This has created a more manageable production schedule and gives each guest the full spotlight they deserve.

In one of your episodes you mentioned using single ply yarn for socks, though I’ve heard single ply yarn doesn’t generally work well for socks…what’s your reasoning?

I recently mentioned in this episode that I would be using Moeke’s yarn for a pair of socks. Even though it is single ply, historically this Romanian yarn has been used for long-lasting, durable socks. So, I’m going to give it a try…why not?!

I’d love to be involved in the podcast, how can I do so?

I would love to have you involved! I am always looking for folks who would like to be involved as an ambassador of Woolful, or as sponsors, Man on the Street contributors or as guests. My goal is to have a way for anyone to be involved. Email at hello@woolful.com


I have a fiber farm and I’d love to have my yarn featured and sold in the Woolful Mercantile, how do I do this?

How exciting! I’d love to hear from you, please email me at hello@woolful.com.

Why all the hype about superwash wool and being “fiber-conscious“?

Taking a closer look at the fibers we use and wear against our skin and how the production of these fibers impact the industry and environment is something very important to me. It’s about more than just superwash this or non-superwash that, or the exploited silk or cashmere industries. It’s about educating yourself about the things you put on your body just as you would the things you put in your body, and about how these production processes affect our environment. Making a conscious decision, whatever that may be. I’m doing my best to help provide resources that encourage more sustainable practices and bring light to some of these amazing fiber producers via the podcast and the response, encouragement and support of what these fiber folks are doing has been incredible.

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