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Woolspiration: Miss Wool of America

June 12, 2015

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted a Woolspiration video, but the good news is that I’ve been stock piling them so these posts which have been a favorite in the past, will now be more regular.

Miss Wool of America…did you know this even existed?! Well it did from 1952-1972. How amazing would it be if something like this existed today. It’s absence is another sign of the American wool industry’s decline and production moving overseas. While I’m really not a fan of beauty pageants per se, I think the fact that the vibrancy of the wool industry at one point demanded one is pretty fantastic.

If there were a “Miss Wool” of America today, what and who would she be? A farmer? A designer? A knitter? A model? A shepherdess? I meet a lot of incredible women in the wool industry and this has got me thinking. In the next few months I’ll be officially announcing the NEW Miss Wool of America pageant…err…celebration for 2016. I’m pretty darn excited. You’ll be getting to meet some of the most inspiring and incredible women in the wool industry. Full of grit. It’ll be a lot of fun, just wait. 😉

There is such a strong pulse in the fiber community and industry right now, I can feel a revival coming on. It may be a long and arduous process, but I do believe one day we will see the wool industry grow again in America and although it will most likely be far different than it was before, how awesome is it that we get to be a part of this movement.

So back to the video…

The Miss Wool of America Pageant took place annually from 1952-1972 in San Angelo to celebrate its strong sheep and wool industry — San Angelo’s Producers’ Livestock Auction is the nation’s largest for sheep and lambs, and the city was once known as the Inland Wool Capital of the World. Sponsored by the National Wool Growers Association, the American Sheep Producers Council, and the Wool Bureau, Inc., the highlight of the national pageant, which brought together the Miss Wools of each state for a competition of poise and beauty, was the modeling of wool fashions for the upcoming season.  The winner represented the wool industry nationally for the following year, touring the country in all the latest woolen fashions. -Texas Archive

Idaho Fiber Mill Natural Living Woolspiration

Woolspiration: A Color Odyssey

January 15, 2015
natural dye club

For the Christmas holiday we spent a couple weeks at our ranch in Idaho. As some of you know, we converted the old milk parlor into our dye studio and this was our first time really settling into the space and soaking up the atmosphere. We had a big project on our hands, the first Natural Dye Club and the experience was amazing.

When we initially came up with the idea, a seasonal quarterly club sounded great, getting to experiment with all the seasonal plants and wonderful fibers from small farms we’ve come to know and others we have yet to discover. As much fun as it was, I’ll be honest and say I’m looking forward to a little warmer weather the next go around. Sub zero temperatures created for a “cool” challenge, lots of layers and plenty of hot coffee with egg nog. However, nothing beats the surreal walk from the cabin to the dye studio with the silence of a snow covered pasture and fresh flakes falling. It was yet another thing in life that’s made me truly thankful for the warmth of this thing we call wool.

I really wish you all could have been there and soaked up every moment as we did our best to do. So we created this little film, A Color Odyssey, to give you a small glimpse into part of our journey and the inspiration behind and within what we do, in hopes it will also inspire you, to experiment, take on challenges and dreams, and to find joy in the beauty that surrounds you.





Woolspiration: Just Wool, 1933

October 22, 2014

Right now we’re in Idaho, our first visit to the property as owners and it’s pretty exciting. So much going on and to share, but it’s late and I need to collect my thoughts a bit more for an actual fiber mill update. So, for now you can follow along on my Instagram (@woolful) as I share live updates from our ranch.

In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite although very short Woolspiration videos, Just Wool from 1933. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the opening sequence is written in gorgeous type, for all you designers and type appreciators. The quote is worth a watch alone.