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Episode 65: Susan Anderson – Wisconsin homegrown, teaching, learning to write a book and knit toys

August 19, 2016



Sponsor: Knit City is the premiere fibre arts festival in Western Canada, showcasing local fibre artists such as dyers, spinners, weavers, pattern designers and notion makers. It also hosts a wide spectrum of Canadian and International knitting and other textile craft instructors. This special event is taking place in Vancouver BC, October 1-2, 2016 and this year marks the 5th anniversary of the show. Featuring classes and lectures from some amazing folks, including todays guest Susan Anderson, a large vendor Marketplace, free demonstrations, local food trucks and more. Knit City is proudly produced by Amanda Milne and Fiona McLean of Knit Social Event Co. To find out more info and register, visit knitsocial.ca and follow along on Instagram @knitsocial


Fiber folk: When I think about fiber folks who I’ve been most inspired by over the years, Susan Anderson is one of the first that comes to mind. The first knitting book I ever bought was her Itty Bitty Toys book, and it became dogeared and well loved. Since that time I’ve come to realize the joy and spark Susan brings to our fiber worlds…through her infectious passion behind what she does and her loyal dedication to her community. I hope as you listen today that you come to love Susan as much as so many of us do. You can find Susan at susanbanderson.blogspot.com and on Instagram @susanbanderson


   Photos: Susan Anderson / Carrie Hoge / Snail Stitches / Quince and Co



Sponsor: Sunday Knits has quickly become one of my new favorite yarns to knit with. Started in 2008 by Carol Sunday, Sunday Knits is a collection of 4 merino and merino blend yarns and beautiful patterns designed by Carol. From the 100% extra-fine Australian merino to the French Angora, all their fibers are humanely sourced and then milled in Italy to Carol’s meticulous and caring specifications. Aside from this yarns obvious qualities, they’re a dream to knit with…so soft yet sturdy and the breadth of colors are beautiful and perfect for color work. And if you enjoy knitting shawls, make sure to take a look at Carol’s latest pattern, Dancing with Bears, a little warmth and a lot of style makes this beautiful shawl a wardrobe staple, and an enjoyable knit, in any of Sunday Knits’ 5-ply yarns. Visit Sunday Knits at sundayknits.com or if you can make a trip to Roscoe, Illinois near the Wisconsin state line, make an appointment to visit Sunday Knits gorgeous studio. You can follow on Instagram @carolsundayknits

carolsundayknitsNew pattern: And today I’ve released my newest design for Little Woolens, the Weston hat pattern. I first came up with this design when I was pregnant with my son and over the years I’ve knit countless variations for friends and family…waiting to take the time to write the pattern and share it with all of you. It’s the perfect quick knit, and just in time for Fall. You can find it on Ravelry, search for the Weston hat.


Giveaway: The winners of last weeks giveaway are Branwynne, Amaia and Annie, you’ve each won a bag of various Habu yarns to experiment and play with. Congratulations!

This week’s giveaways are sponsored by Sunday Knits and Susan Anderson. Sunday Knits is giving away the Dancing with Bears Shawl pattern and kit and Susan Anderson is giving away a pdf copy of her most recent toys book String Along Toys made with Quince and Co yarns. To enter and be one of the winners, leave a comment on this post.


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Woolful Podcast

Episode 64: Takako Ueki – Japanese childhood, Catholic boarding school, discovering in America, fiber fascination, and Habu

July 28, 2016


logo (1)

Sponsor: Knit Purl is a wonderfully motivating yarn shop in Portland, Oregon founded by Darcy Cameron in 2004, with the intention to create a unique curated experience for yarn buyers. They’ve worked closely with local, regional and international makers and designers to provide a one of a kind experience, to fuel creativity for fiber and design enthusiasts. Each month they offer a great calendar of classes and events, and every other Wednesday you can join other fiber folk for Knit Night at 6pm. Make sure to stop by in person when in Portland and shop their large selection of yarns including Habu yarns at knit-purl.com. And find them on Instagram @knitpurlpdx

And from now until July 31st, Knit Purl is offering a 10% discount on all lace weight yarns, including some of our favorite Habu yarns. Use the code LACE2016 in all caps during checkout.


Fiber folk: Fiber fascination is something we can all relate too, discovering new yarns both rustic and soft…but Takako of Habu Textiles and yarns takes that fascination to a completely new level, resulting in over a hundred varieties of silk, stainless steel, paper, linen, bamboo, cotton, hemp and even pineapple fiber. If you’ve ever come across Habu in your local yarn shop and stood in wonder at all these incredible yet sometimes intimidating yarns and wondered who is behind all this? Well that someone is Takako Ueki, and she’s a wonder in herself. I hope you’ll be inspired by her story and explore her amazing yarns and all the gorgeous garments and projects designed in them. You can find Takako at habutextiles.com and on Instagram @habutextiles.

takako_habu_2 takako_habu_9takako_habu_4takako_habu_3takako_habu_5takako_habu_8takako_6 takako_habu_10takako_habu_7takako_habu_13takako_habu_12 Photos: Habu / Olga Buraya-Kefelian / Vanessa Yap-Einbund / Scout


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Sponsor: I wanted to make sure and thank today’s sponsor again, Knit Purl. Along with their impactful presence as a local yarn shop in Portland, Oregon, they’ve put together a dream collection of yarns in their online shop, including some of my favorites, Woolfolk, Habu, Brooklyn Tweed, Sincere Sheep, Swans Island and Twirl. To find these yarns, along with patterns and notions visit knit-purl.com. And through the end of this month, Knit Purl is celebrating Lace Month, use code LACE2016 for 10% all lace yarns.


In Residence: I’m excited to finally share the newest addition to the Woolful podcast, In Residence. Each quarter we’ll be joined by a farmer, designer, entrepreneur and artist in residence…discussing topics and questions asked by you the listeners. This week we’ll be hearing from photographer in residence, Kathy Cadigan…superb photographer, stunning knitter, and a great listener and friend. Our questions this week comes from Amy Tozer, you can find Amy on Instagram @urban_farm_wife.

Amy asks: How do you approach photographing knitwear? Do you try to capture the garment or are you trying to evoke a feeling? With pattern photography, I feel the need to create both compelling photographs, but also honest and complete photographs of a garment, and sometimes these are separate photographs. I would love to hear all about Kathy’s process. Does she do the styling, or does the designer do that?

Tune in to listen to Kathy’s reply. You can find Kathy at kathycadigan.com and on Instagram @kathycad


Shop update: It’s been a long time since I’ve given an update on the Woolful Mercantile, my little shop of farm yarns. As we begin to gear up for Fall I’ll be sharing a variety of new and restocked yarns, all of which I’m very excited about. Check woolfulmercantile.com later this week for all the updates. 

Giveaway: The winner of last weeks giveaway is Michelle, you’ve won 10 skeins of Wool Days Scout yarn and a copy of cabinfour’s sock pattern Sunday Morning Socks. Congratulations!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Habu and they’re giving away a bag of assorted Habu yarns to three listeners. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a taste of all Habu has to offer. To enter and be one of the three winners, leave a comment on this blog post.


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Woolful Podcast

Episode 63: Marta Bahillo – A grandmothers legacy, Spanish linen and artisans, entrepreneurism alongside motherhood and babaà

July 22, 2016


wool days

Sponsor: Wool Days is an Australian based wool company, co founded by Megan Elizabeth with a mission to create a purposeful connection between where things come from and the people who love them and share the message that wool has the ability to heal, warm and delight. To connect with people who adore those special days spent slow dancing with the things that bring them true happiness. There is a world of inspiration and joy that fuels kindness and creativity in all of us, and the hope is that Wool days is a source of inspiration and joy for those who love good wool. Wool Days has created a most comforting and beautiful yarn, Scout, a single source, Australian Merino yarn. Our wants are simple, and they are grand – give us good wool and our imagination to please. A pot of tea and our knitting. Everyone has their own special ingredients for elevating their day, and the honest hope is the Wool days will be an essential part of that experience. You can find out so much more about Wool days and Scout yarn at wooldays.com, and follow along on Instagram @wooldays


Fiber folk: Our fiber world is far stretching and diverse, and learning about our farther reaching fiber folks is one of my favorite parts of this podcast. Marta Bahillo dwells in Madrid with her husband, and young daughter and son. Her textile adventures and efforts came across my radar a couple years ago and I was fascinated by her commitment to sourcing and production through local artisans as well as the rich story behind her clothing brand babaà. She’s navigating relationships, motherhood and building a business with a fiery passion and grace and I hope you enjoy hearing a bit of her journey as much as I did. You can find Marta at babaa.es and on Instagram @babaaknitwear

babaa_1babaa_5babaa_8babaa_15babaa_12babaa_6babaa_10babaa_11babaa_9babaa_7babaa_3babaa_4 babaa_2 babaa_14 babaa_13


wing and a prayer farm

Sponsor: Wing and a Prayer Farm is a fiber farm with beautiful pastures in Shaftsbury, Vermont and maker of some of the most delicious Shetland and true farm yarns I’ve had the privilege of using. The owner and operator of Wing and a Prayer farm is Tammy White, an incredible woman with a huge heart for both human and animal and everything in between. I’ve had the privilege of watching part of her fiber journey unfold as she shared a bit of her story in Episode 16 and has taken such care in creating a collection of yarns from her fiber flock which consists of Cotswold, Cormo, Shetland, Corriedale, Merino, Mohair and Alpaca…resulting in yarns that are a pleasure to knit with and wear. 

Join Vermont farmer Tammy White at Wing & A Prayer Farm on Sunday, July 31st for a Natural Dyeing Workshop. You’ll learn sustainable methods, and experiment with locally foraged dye-stuffs to produce rich, natural colors with her farm’s yarn. Visit wingandaprayerfarm.com or more details or email Tammy at hello@wingandaprayerfarm.com to register. 

You can also follow along with all the Wing and a Prayer Farm shenanigans on Instagram @wingandaprayerfarm


Giveaway: The winner of last weeks giveaway is Tera, you’ve won a skein of Qiviut and Stinging Nettle yarn from the Large Animal Research Station in Alaska. Congratulations!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Wool Days and they’re giving away 10 skeins of their new and very amazing Scout yarn, a dk weight 100% Australian Merino yarn. You’ll receive 2 skeins in each of their 5 color ways. You’ll also receive a copy of cabinfour’s newest sock pattern, Sunday Morning Socks, designed in Wool Days Scout yarn.


Music by Jónsi.